The Origin Story

Listen to our Season 1 Teaser! What are we all about?

We’ve been aching to start a podcast about the use of Salesforce in Higher Education for a while now; this inaugural post proves that dreams really do come true!

In this industry, we are stronger when we learn from one another. Like the students roaming the commons, we want to connect with experts, seek out solutions, and find a community with those that share our challenges. That’s really the origin story of the PodCACHE.

We aim to give a blueprint to navigating Salesforce implementations and strategic decision-making, backed by real user stories from college and universities who have “been there” too. We’ll be tapping into the collective groundswell of knowledge from various change-makers and trailblazers at universities doing amazing things with the Salesforce platform.

Each episode is centered around one university who has a story to tell. While we have planned segments, each interview is completely unique and collaborative with our guests and their experience. We’ll talk about anything and everything strategy, implementation, impact metrics, and operations, AND give advice on how to approach it. If we are really lucky, we’ll be joined by the other members of the Higher Education Advisory Council in our “phone a friend” segment.

At the PodCACHE we are always up for feedback. Visit our contact page to provide feedback, nominate someone else (or yourself) to be on an upcoming episode, or ask for help solving challenges at your institution.

Our first episode debuts in late March. Happy listening!

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