S2E1: “I am a Human of Requirement” the Ivy League Throw Down

Featuring Dave DeMichele of Yale University and Corey Snow of Harvard University

Its an Ivy League Throw Down….of knowledge! Corey Snow, Harvard University, and Dave DeMichele, Yale University talked with us about their institutions, how they manage being “internal partners” across campus, where they see user groups fitting in, and, of course, tips and tricks to success with Salesforce and Higher Ed.

This was a fun one, and our first completely in-person interview with all 4 of us attending Dreamforce two weeks ago. Buckle in and listen up! This is a fun one with lots of information to share. We even had the LAST interview with Corey before he moves on to Salesforce.org. 

Find us at thepodcache.com or on twitter @thepodcache. Now streaming on Apple PodCasts, SoundCloud, on our website, and now….SPOTIFY!

S2E1: “I’m a Human of Requirement” the Ivy League Throw Down with Corey Snow, Harvard, and Dave DeMichele, Yale.

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