Ep 6 : “Army of Unicorns” with Carrie Marcinkevage, Penn State University

This episode takes us to Happy Valley, Pennsylvania where we interviewed Carrie Marcinkevage from Penn State University. Working on a shared vision for CRM, they have seen great success in the Smeal College of Business. Carrie told us about her PhD candidacy and topics she is studying; her dissertation will be on CRM Critical Success Factors in Higher Education. We learned about success factors in other industries and ethics in data collection and usage. It was also shared that she has an “army of unicorns” now after using this as their mascot for their CRM efforts. 

If you are interested in being interviewed for her dissertation research, you can reach out to her on twitter (@CMarcinkevage) or by email (carriem@psu.edu). Frank and Haley will be scheduling their follow-ups soon! 

Enjoy. Let us know if you want to be featured on an upcoming episode. Reach out to us on twitter @thePodCACHE or via email: haley@thepodcache.com.

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Ep 6: Army of Unicorns with Carrie Marcinkevage, Penn State University

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